Blue Layered Candle | Rustic 3x4" 3x6" or 4x6"


Navy Blue rustic pillar candle with layered colors.  Light blue graduating to dark navy blue.  Long lasting burn without drips. 


  • Five Layers of Blue
  • Rustic Pillar Candle
  • Unscented
  • Clean burning fully refined wax
  • 100% cotton wick 
  • Made in USA


  • 3" diameter x 4" tall or 3x6" 
  • 4" diameter x 6" tall
  • Burn time approx. 40 or 60 hours respectively

Tradition meets modern. Each of our rustic candles are hand poured, slowly, one at a time. To achieve the wavy rustic effect we make our candles in very small batches. Our processes are very similar to traditional candle making techniques that date back hundreds of years, yet we have added our own touch to bring you a truly unique pillar candle.

Solid Rustic Colors