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We handcraft our candles in our studio, usually with a dog or two afoot.  We’ve developed our textures over years and they’re unique to us. Because they are handcrafted the color and detail may vary from candle to candle. We cherish this characteristic as it makes each candle a one of a kind piece. Our colors are carefully selected to be rich, earthy, yet reflect the current trends in décor. Non-traditional candle shaped candles are made from molds we make ourselves, usually from items we find in nature.

Our candles burn with a bright calm flame, are odorless, smoke free and drip-less. They will burn all the way across, if burned out of drafts and with the wick trimmed to ¼”. Our burn times are some of the longest we have seen in the industry. We achieve this by using the purest raw materials and adhering to the highest candle making standards.

Our candles have a translucent quality, which emits an ambient romantic light. Nothing adds atmosphere to a room or event quiet the way the natural light from a candle does.


Tommy and Henriette




Henriette Rohl - Co-founder & Creative Designer
Henriette co-founded Nordic Candle in 2012 with hubby Tom. Her daily focus is on creating new collections, tracking trends and marketing the company. Also, the primary number cruncher as she spent 24 years in financial services, half of those in commercial banking. Her Scandinavian background and love of nature influence her designs. She was born to Danish parents and lived in Norway with them for the first 9 years of her life before relocating to Bayville, NY. To this day she enjoys traveling to Denmark to visit her family's vacation home.

Thomas Kaelin - Co-founder & Chandler
Tom co-founded Nordic Candle in 2012 with Henriette, his wife. He is the perfectionist candle maker, webmaster and person that makes sure everything gets done. He has been a drummer all of his life, in addition to having a career in woodworking and website design. Tom was raised in Sea Cliff, but left after high school to pursue his life long love of drumming. In 2008 the couple returned to Tom's beautiful hometown. Together the couple enjoy spending time with their daughter, Annika, and their dogs, Paisley and Jack.