Each of our rustic candles are hand poured, slowly, one at a time. To achieve the wavy rustic effect we make our candles in very small batches. Our processes are very similar to traditional candle making techniques that date back hundreds of years, yet we have added our own touch to bring you a truly unique pillar candle. Tradition meets modern. 

Our candles are created to be lit and enjoyed. They are made of fully refined wax, a pure cotton wick and a little color, resulting in a relatively translucent candle that will emit a warm glow from the inside when burned. We put the utmost care into assuring our candles burn with a steady, even flame.

For best results, the first time you light your candle, let it burn for at least 3 hours. Trimming the wick before lighting to the recommended 1/4 inch, 50 mm, will also prolong the burn time of your candle. To read more about caring for your candles, click on More Candle Care Tips. 

The color and markings will vary from candle to candle.